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If you have been waiting  to purchase an original TOTEM International, Billy The World’s First Out & Proud Gay Doll, you have hit the rainbow jackpot!

In 1997, three years after the exhibition of the original sculpture John McKitterick and Juan Andres together with the marketing company Totem International launched a mass-produced doll called Billy – The World's First Out and Proud Gay Doll. A deluxe adult male doll, standing 13 inches/33 cm in height and weighing 11.3 oz/320 grams, Billy was molded from superior quality vinyl. Using rotational molding the doll is made up of five individual body parts, which makes it possible for Billy to move and for him to be posed in many positions. Billy's outstanding qualities as a doll rise from the hyperrealism of the sculpture and the attention to detail. Experts in doll production in the EU manufactured the doll using superior manufacturing techniques and advances, for example the elimination of all seaming on each of the five parts. Billy has another great advantage over other male dolls in that he is anatomically complete. Billy was first launched into the market with a choice of five outfits; all with removable boots. The names of the outfits were both descriptive and self-explanatory; Master Billy,[4] Cowboy Billy, Wall Street Billy, Sailor Billy and San Francisco Billy.[5][6] Each outfit was executed with realism in mind. Other dolls in the Billy line include Carlos, Billy's Puerto Rican boyfriend and Tyson, their African American best friend. All are "anatomically correct" but with large penises. Carlos is uncircumcised, Billy and Tyson are circumcised.[3] Within one month of the launch Totem International Inc., the US subsidiary owned by Totem International Ltd., sold Billy into over 400 stores in the US and Billy received media coverage in almost every newspaper in the US[7][8][9] and many around the world.[10]
In 2004 John McKitterick and Juan Andres believing that their artwork Billy had succeeded in its aims and objectives ceased all production of the line of Billy dolls and accessories. Billy – The World's First Out and Proud Gay Doll is now recognized as an important chapter in gay[54][55] and doll[56][57] history. Today, Billy is highly sought after by collectors, with editions and artworks commanding considerable prices at exhibition and auction.[58]